I'm Alessio Vasarin
film director
and producer

I was born and live in Bolzano.

Here, together with Michela Parlavecchio, I founded the production company Frabiatofilm in 2014.

My first movie was the sci-fi feature film Strings (2015), directed four-handedly together with Sandro Tarter and presented in 2015 at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, in the Spazio Italia category.

I also directed short films, including La tana – 2017, Détour – 2020, Agosto – 2022. 

Apart from being a director, I am also a producer. I produced together with Michela  two shortfilms of director Giulia Palaia (Agriope – 2020, Due madri – 2022). Now I’m working on the feature film Delcisa, currently being written by Giulia and selected for the Veneto Writing Lab 2021, under the supervision of Giacomo Durzi.

My latest short film, Una notte, will be premiered at the 39th Lovers Film Festival in Turin.